Keep it reel….

Reflecting on a college project from 2017, the dismantling and exploration of an everyday object. In these strange times we are being encouraged to spend time in our immediate environment surrounded by familiar objects, from the simple cheese grater to the complex laptop. What if we approach these objects from a different perspective, what if we dismantle them, take them apart, explore their place in our lives….unlock, unravel, undo…engage with simplicity, what then


It is a fact of life that we are all expendable, we all have a shelf life, flavour of the month one minute out of favour the next. Did Mr Cummings see this coming, you betcha…disrupters always have an exit strategy, the cardboard box had been sitting on the end of the Cummings desk for weeks. And the exit, through the front door, at prime time, no sneaking out through the rose garden…..Mr Cummings will be back, of that I am certain, but for now he’s booked a spa break at the MacLeod House & Lodge, Trump Aberdeen….

Dom and Boris discuss masks!