E4A35DB8-B95D-4EF2-818A-99C66D281FD5_1_105_cMoira was born in Totnes, Devon. After raising four children and pursuing a twenty-year career in the Civil Service she studied Painting, Drawing and Printmaking at Plymouth College of Art. Moira now shares a studio with her partner Allan Green on the edge of Beaminster where she is currently developing her profile in contemporary visual art and printmaking. Moira has previously exhibited at Alfred University in New York, the Black Swan in Frome and with Drawn to the Valley Artists in Devon, she is  a member of ArtCanDorset Visual Arts ,  2 Valleys Art Circle and Double Elephant Print Workshop in Exeter.

Moira’s current project is being informed by the text of Schama’s Landscape and Memory, the development of ideas around what is here now and what is disappearing from our world. She explores her acceptance/resistance to the evolutionary process through the development of an extensive body of work on endangered birds. Moira is working with the local RSPB team to raise awareness to the plight of the sixty-seven threatened British birds on the RSPB Red List.

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